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8 oz Clear Boston Round Plastic Bottle 24/410

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You need these clear Round Plastic bottles to package DIY body oil, body wash, lotions, and so much more! 
Perfect for products with colour or herbs that are used for esthetics.
Product Description:
8 oz Clear Round Bullet Plastic Bottle with White Smooth Disc Top Cap 24/410
  • Bottle Size: 8 oz
  • Bottle Height: 5"
  • Bottle Diameter: 2.3125"
  • Bottle Width: 2.3125"
  • Best Shrink Wrap Size: 95x55
  • Cap Diameter: 1.102
  • Cap Height: 1.102
  • Cap Length: 1.102
  • Cap Width: 1.102

 Bottle Properties

  • Clarity: Clear 
  • Stiffness: High
  • Impact Resistance: Excellent
  • Scuff Resistance: Fair

Bottle Resistance

  • Fragrance Oil greater than 15%: Poor
  • Essential Oil greater than 5%: Poor
  • pH less than 7: Good
  • pH greater than 7: Fair
  • Alcohols: Good
  • Mineral Oils: Good
  • Heat: Fair
  • Cold: Good
  • Sunlight: Good
Made in the U.S.A.
Carefully pour product into container. If the product is warm, allow it to completely cool before applying the top. If using a press and seal safety liner, the bottle rim must be completely dry before applying.


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