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Geogard 221 - Natural Preservative

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Try natural Geogard 221 to protect your lotions, scrubs, and more against mold and bacteria. It's a must-have for people who sell handmade bath and body products.

Use this water-soluble preservative for any product with a pH of 2-7. This natural preservative is Ecocert and COSMOS certified. It's not tested on animals, it's non-GMO and vegan!  

Product Description:

Ingredient Common Name: Geogard 221

Ingredient INCL Name: Dehydroacetic Acid, Benzyl Alcohol, Water

This product is safe to use in the eye and lip area.

Country of Origin: USA

Shelf Life: 3 Years

Usage Instructions: Use at 0.2 to 1.1% percent of the total weight in water-based products like lotions or sprays. Temperature stable, but recommended to add at the lowest reasonable temperature for maximum stability.

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