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About Us

GKD Essentials aim to provide packaging solutions and raw material for home crafters, DIY enthusiasts, soap makers and young entrepreneurs in the cosmetic industry. We know that starting a business takes a lot of resources, dedication, and planning which can become very overwhelming. GKD is here to help you along that journey. By providing safe quality ingredients from reputable suppliers within the soap making and cosmetic industry, functional and practical packaging solutions, and useful information to help INSPIRE you to be CREATIVE! Join the GKD Family and let us grow together on this creative journey. 

These three letters (GKD) means a lot to us as they serve as a reminder to us, to:

1. Always express GRATITUDE.

2. Increase our KNOWLEDGE (by always be willing to learn).

3. Work DILIGENTLY and Be DISCIPLINED (as we work to make our dreams a reality).