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Palm Oil (No Stir)

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Try our palm oil no-stir today! Palm oil adds conditioning properties and big fluffy lather to bar soaps. It's great in soaps, lotions, creams, and whipped body butter!

Our Palm shortening is made from 100% Palm oil. Its reduced fatty acid makes it more stable with a thick luxurious texture. It can be easily scooped for measuring and most importantly you don't have to melt the whole container when using this product. Scoop out what you need and melt it with your other oils and butter. 

When melted it goes back to a thick texture without separating. 

Our Palm oil is sourced from members of the RSPO. Sustainable Palm Oil. All natural  

SAP NaoH: .142

SAP KOH: .199

Physical form: Light yellow, off white colour

Melting Point: 103° F

Solubility: Insoluble in water

Country of Origin: Malaysia

 Best Used by: one year from date of purchase 

Shelf Life once used in manufacturing: one year from manufacturing date